Brand identity and website for PMJ Capital

P&MJ Wright (Holdings) Ltd and Cowgill Holloway set up a new joint venture in 2014,  PMJ Capital, and asked Ashurst Communications to help create the brand identity and subsequent marketing materials for the firm.  Very much a business to business offering, PMJ Capital provides short term finance to property owners requiring quick access to capital.  The funding can be used for any purpose.

We contacted our design partners Blaze Marketing having developed a clear brief with the approval of PMJ Capital. Blaze worked with us to develop the brand identity and once everyone was happy with it, we moved on to creating the website.

The purpose of the website for PMJ Capital is essentially to be an on-line brochure with clear direction to the visitor of how to contact the team. Ashurst Communications wrote a detailed brief for Blaze and provided all the copywriting for the website. The whole project from start to finish took just two months.