Factory Youth Zone becomes Manchester Youth Zone

Photo: Factory Youth Zone becomes Manchester Youth Zone

The Factory Youth Zone announced it is moving on to its next chapter as it becomes the Manchester Youth Zone.

After six action-packed years as ‘The Factory’ it was decided it was time for a change.  After discussing it with their young people, receiving lots of creative names such as Cat Basket Cheeseburger and the Unicorn Station brought to the table, it was decided by all, nothing summed up the iconic yellow building standing on Rochdale Road, better than Manchester Youth Zone.

Richard Marsh, CEO, Manchester Youth Zone said: “A big part of the rebrand is to do with how young people, particularly in North Manchester, feel isolated from the city as it continues to grow. When asked where they are from, the young people reply with the likes of Harpurhey and do not associate with being from Manchester – despite being only three miles away from the Manchester Arena – and having access to the opportunities available in the city.

“By rebranding to the ‘Manchester Youth Zone’, we hope it will make young people see they are a part of the city and help to raise their aspirations, inspiring them to get involved. Simultaneously, we hope that it will also encourage the city to embrace Harpurhey and the rest of North Manchester, and continue to support the work we are doing with our young people, investing in their futures and inspiring a generation.”

The design of the rebrand was completed by Clear Marketing.  The company owner Jim Smith is on the board and development committee of the Manchester Youth Zone.

Manchester Youth Zone, located on Rochdale Road, Manchester provides a unique safe place for young people aged from 6 – 19, up to 25 with additional needs, from across Manchester. With a wealth of sport and creative activities, MYZ currently welcomes almost 1,000 young people each week and it works to raise its members aspirations and equip them with the tools to increase their confidence, build positive relationships and add something back to their own community.